Theresa from 'Your Family Nutritionist' - our expert and advisor on nutrition

Theresa from 'Your Family Nutritionist' - our expert and advisor on nutrition

We are delighted to welcome Theresa from Your Family Nutritionist as our expert and advisor on Nutrition and eating, specifically for our Weaning and Family Eating and Healthy Eating for disabled and elderly campaigns.

Theresa has over 24 years of experience as a Nutritionist and runs a range of workshop designed to help parents navigate the world of weaning and beyond. 

Read on to find out more about Theresa.

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We are delighted to welcome Theresa from Your Family Nutritionist as our expert and advisor in Family Nutrition and Weaning. Theresa will be providing us support & advice in Healthy Eating for disabled and elderly campaigns via Care Designs too. 

Theresa has shared with us details of her background in Nutrition and why it's important to get up to date advice on family nutrition and weaning, along with what areas people commonly ask for help in.

Hi I’m Theresa, a registered Nutritionist and mummy to two fiery red heads – Jack who is 10 and Francesca who is 8!

I studied nutrition for four years at university after which I held various roles within the area of nutrition. I worked as an Assistant Nutritionist for the supermarket chain ASDA, I worked as a Marketing Manager for the company Pret a Manger, I worked as part of the National Support Teams at the Department of Health and I then spent 4 years at the charity Mencap where I set up a healthy eating programme for people with a learning disability.

When my son came along, I found the weaning process quite confusing – and I work in the field of nutrition! There were and are, so many conflicting pieces of information available for parents around the area of introducing solid foods. Whether it be via the internet, social media or even well-meaning people advising you on how to feed your child.

I realised that if I was confused as a health professional, then I assumed most other parents would be too. And so, after speaking to friends about weaning, I realised that I was correct.

I have been running weaning workshops now for over 8 years with my focus on ensuring parents get the scientific, evidence-based facts around weaning and ensuring they have the on-going support from myself to do this. I want to hold their hand through their weaning journey and to give them the confidence to make sure that introducing their baby to solids is healthy, safe and fun!

My workshops cover all of the following and so much more!

  • Choking and gagging
  • Allergies
  • BLW and puree feeding
  • Dropping milk feeds
  • Portion sizes and appetite
  • First foods and when to offer
  • Example schedules
  • Which liquids to give my baby
  • How to prepare food for your baby

I believe whole-heartedly that it is never too early to teach our little ones about healthy eating and that mealtimes should be all about sharing, laughter, fun and love. I am happiest surrounded by people I loves, sharing great food together and of course, having the odd glass of wine (0r 3!)

If you are interested in attending one of Theresa's workshops (in person or on-line), or you want to contact her for a personal consultation please visit Your Family Nutritionist website to find out more.

Watch out for our monthly blogs and posts on Social Media with tips for helping you!

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