All Care Designs branded products are eligible for VAT relief for people who are considered chronically sick or disabled in the UK. Any other products that are eligible will be clearly labelled on our website.

What products are eligible for VAT relief?

For a product to be eligible for VAT relief they need to be designed and manufactured solely to help people with disabilities. The HMRC states that "equipment that has been designed solely for people with a disability, chronic or terminal illness or on the adaptation of equipment so they can use it can be VAT exempt".

If you are unsure if a product is eligible for VAT relief please contact us.

Please note that postage is not exempt from VAT.

Who is eligible?

Full details can be found on HMRC website - Notice 701-7 VAT relief for disabled people or call HMRC’s advice line on 0300 200 3700. Please check eligibility as this is legally binding and there are penalties for false declaration.

How do I claim VAT exemption for products in my order ?

1. Ordering online 

Click on any of the collections underneath PRODUCTS (UK VAT EXEMPT) on the Care Designs section of our shop and choose the products you want to buy from there.

Add them to your basket.

Once you move to the cart you will be asked if you qualify for VAT exemption. Please select Yes and then complete the details about Name, Address and Medical condition. These details will be recorded against your online order. No VAT will be added to your order for the products that are VAT exemptible.

Move onto the Checkout and complete delivery details and pay for the order.

 2. Telephone order

If you want to place an order over the phone please call 01223 840236 and we can take all the details and process the order for you so no VAT will be charged on the products in your order. Specifically you will be asked to declare that you or the person you are purchasing the item for are eligible for VAT relief. You will also be asked to give full name and the medical condition of the person who qualifies for VAT relief. These details will be recorded against your online order.

3. Mail Order

When ordering by post you will need to complete a separate VAT exemption form that we will send or email to you. A paper copy of your order and the VAT exemption form are kept in case HMRC wish to check our records.

Important Information

Care Designs is required to keep a record of all customers who have qualified for VAT relief, their names, addresses, and qualifying medical condition and present this information to HRMC if requested.

Please note that it is an offence to falsely claim that you or the person you are buying for is eligible for VAT Relief.

Free shipping

Free shipping within the UK with orders over £25.