"Hi there - I just wanted to say that I've just bought 2 of the UltraBibs and they are life changing! Absolutely fantastic and ingenious product. I'm going to recommend them to everyone."

Emma Wiseman

"Best Bib! Voted the best Bib on the market by my family. I buy them for all our young grandchildren and their parents love them."

Rosie (Amazon verified purchase)

"This is a fantastic product. Since I bought it for my daughter (then 6 months old) it has had non-stop usage and has been washed and washed. She is now 15 months old and I have just bought two more to see her through the next year! Can't rate them highly enough."

C R Harrison (Amazon verified purchase)

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE these bibs! I bought some for my own house for when grandkids come over, and I buy them for my new grand babies and for shower gifts. The keep the baby clean and are easy to clean and hang dry. I usually just rinse them off but if they are too messy I put a little squirt of dish soap on and give it a rub. If it’s really messy I throw it in the washing machine then let it drip dry. I highly recommend this product."

C. Pearce (Amazon verified purchase)

"The quality of these bibs still fascinates me, they are extremely durable, exceptional quality, they are long-lasting and most definitely the best value bibs I have ever known! They wash brilliantly and are more comfortable than a rigid plastic bib. If anyone asks me for a recommendation when having a baby, honestly these would be it, completely the best bibs ever for practicality and sheer value for money!"

From blog

"I would highly recommend this product. Excellent bib. More expensive than others but has out-lasted every other bib i've tried."

N. Bod

"I purchased 2 ultrabibs with sleeves in 2007 and they have lasted me through my three kids (now 2012!). Excellent quality and wash well. LOVE THE PRODUCT!! At least 5 times a day I have your bibs in my hands and I am still convinced that this is the best product on the market."

Maureen Wolf, Switzerland

"I was very impressed with the Bibetta bib with sleeves– in fact they scored the highest total of all feeding products I was testing!"

Blogger Feedback

."Unbeatable Bibetta! I have purchased these before and cannot recommend this range more highly. The beauty is that there are no hard surfaces to cause discomfort around baby's neck and they wash and dry so quickly. Also the clever little design, by inverting the bottom of the bib a trough is created to catch spills."

Antelope (Amazon verified purchase)

"Since starting to use these bibs at our nursery we haven't had to change any clothes due to spillages, they're like a mini revelation."


"Wish I had found these sooner! A friend recommended them. They are so much better than traditional cloth bibs!"


"Really excellent. The ones I bought for my little boy are still going strong after well over a year of use. Much better value than cotton bibs because they last and do not stain. Brilliant, well done!"

Bethan Sayers

"Mum of three, qualified nursery worker with much experience, highly rates the bib as the best ever! Where have you been hiding? Only just found you and think you are great...!!"

Jane and Jemima

"Changing Mat: Totally love this! It washes in the machine, rolls up and is warmer to lie on. As a childminder I take hygiene very seriously and would recommend this to anyone having to change nappies!"

Amazon buyer

"Very cool product - much admired in all the top restaurants in the UK! (UltraBib)"

Sarah W

"I've gone from having to wash 6+ bibs daily to managing with just 3 bibetta bibs. Several people have commented on my 'posh' bibs, saying how nice they are and enquiring where I purchased them from. I haven't hesitated to recommend them."

Claire Green

"When you get to child number 3 you do not say good things about baby products unless they really are amazing! These bibs really are great and I am gutted I did not use them with my older child number 2."

Clare Peberdy

"I would like to express my delight at the bibetta. I have searched high and low for a bib that actually works."

Melanie Parker

"Hi, Really love the newly purchased ultra bib it is a fantastic design. So great to have a soft feeding bib that keeps little one dry and collects food. Well done."


"I use your Bibetta bibs, they are brilliant and I would like some leaflets to give out and tell other parents how good they are."

Sarah Challis

"I would like to say that the bibs are wonderful. My son seems to appreciate them too as he is not trying to pull them off (he was rejecting all the other bibs we've used!) Thank you once again!"


I bought Bibetta bibs three years ago for my first child which are still going strong. They wash really well and dry quickly too. I wouldn't waste money on other less absorbent and less robust bibs."


"A must for Mums! Soft & comfortable around my daughter's neck. Washable and the turned up bit at the bottom works great catching bits of Puree. Very absorbent. Worth every penny."


"I was sent a blue patterned sleeved bib for my child to try and now i can't live without it. It is a brilliant idea!"

Mrs I Strachan

"Amazing clothing saver!! With this bib not had to change him once. Plus it's good for catching his dummy! Really recommend this bib for teething babies."


"Every mum should have one!! This product is great. I have just started weaning my 6 month old so feeding times were getting messier. I no longer have to change bibs after each feed. Great purchase at a great price."


"Nice second change mat. It's soft, warm and comfortable for my ten month old son to lie on and rolls away neatly, unlike a big plastic mat. I also love the fact it's machine washable."

Amazon Buyer

"Your bibs are simply brilliant and have recommended them to so many people as you can throw them into the washing machine."

J. Pockall

"I'm really glad I bought these instead; they are much more comfortable than hard plastic, and worth paying slightly more. They fit really well and the design is very clever - you can turn the pocket inside-out to clean it and the fabric is absorbent yet protects clothes well."

Welsh pengiun

"Hi Bibetta. My friend swears that your bibs are the best in the world. Do you supply any stores in Vancouver, Canada?"

Charito Gailling

"Brilliant bib. This is the business. It is soft and comfortable, doesn't irritate my daughter's eczema, keeps clothes clean and washes & dries easily. Buy it!!!"

Mavis the Fairy

"I have found Bibetta products to be of the highest standard, hard wearing, easy to clean and excellent value for money. After using them I would not use any other product. We have had the Bibetta bibs for nine months and still look great"

Nicola Manning

"They are better than good, they are simply fantastic. There are a lot of things you feel you need to take on holiday but my bibetta bibs are irreplaceable."

Julie Pickford

"These have been fantastic; they sit better than plastic/rubber ones and do not rub. They are easy to clean, use and pack, as I travel about a lot. Have told loads of people who have commented on it. These are all I use now."

Suzanne Kerbyson



"I'm a big fan of bibetta bibs, for me they don't get any better. Expensive but worth every penny as they last years."


"Changing Mat: perfect for holidays! Easy to use, clean and store. Very sturdy and the fabric keeps the baby warm. Perfect!!"

Amazon Buyer

"I've bought a couple of these Ultrabibs. Really good quality and rinses clean a number of times before needing to go in the washing machine and doesn't stain. Don't waste your time using cheap bibs pay a little extra and save yourself lots of hassle."

Rob (Amazon verified purchase)

"I love the fabric your bibs are made from - absorbent yet so easy to clean and dry. My favourite is the long sleeved bib as it is so practical."

S Carrette

"Bibetta. Hi, our staff have given really good feedback. They say they your Dribble Bibs really good, stay on the children well, absorb the moisture and have come up clean when washed."

Serena Dalrymple, Nursery Manager, Hopscotch Nurseries

"My partner bought your bib on-line and I was sceptical but am now a convert!

Richard Holborn (Home Dad)

"I have found your bibetta bib excellent. Other bibs stained too easily and were difficult to wash clean whereas the Bibetta washes in an instant and always looks good. I have recommended them to a number of friends."

Louise Gouldstone

"Great product. Bought this for a holiday bib & wish I'd found it years ago.... I am about to order 2 more & bin the whole drawer of other rubbish bibs."


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