Bibetta’s Ultrabibs™ bibs are made with neoprene, the same type of material used to make wetsuits and diving suits! It’s a tough and yet very soft, flexible and stretchy sports material which means the bibs are supremely comfortable for children to wear and lasts a long time. It has a thick middle layer made of sponge rubber which is waterproof and a fine knitted polyester fabric on the outside which absorbs liquid into the outer layer only, so it dries quickly. The material is naturally waterproof so protects from spilt drinks and mess, it washes easily, is relatively stain resistant and holds it shape well, meaning the pocket is always a large 3D shape to catch food whilst being springy and soft.

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Always follow the washing and drying instructions on the wash-care labels.

Bibetta’s neoprene Ultrabibs should be washed after every meal. It is best to wash your bibs by hand under warm running water to ensure all food is washed out of the top fabric layer. Wash off any excess food under warm running water, then add washing-up liquid onto any stains, rubbing the neoprene firmly together to agitate and then, once fully cleaned, rinse the bib thoroughly in clean water. This will ensure it is clean and sterile for the next use.

You can later wash our neoprene bibs in the washing machine at 30°C.; make sure the pocket is folded outwards to give it a good clean inside the pocket. It is good practice to sterilize your neoprene bibs occasionally to keep them fresh and clean. We recommend using Milton Sterilizing Solution.

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Once washed you can dry neoprene bibs by hanging on a washing line, hanging off the end of a radiator (not directly over the radiator) or in a tumble drier on a LOW heat setting only. Always dry with the pocket folded outwards to allow the air to dry inside the pocket.

Most customers find their Bibetta Ultrabibs last around three years and some up to seven years, offering excellent long term value. The better the bibs are cared for the longer they will last!

We recommend using Milton Sterilizing Solution occasionally to keep them fresh, clean and eliminate any odours. Alternatively you can use a weak bleach solution (approximately 1 part bleach to 50 parts water). Always wear rubber gloves when using any sterilizing solutions and rinse the bibs in clean water several times afterwards.

Our neoprene bibs have the pocket sewn flat on the back of the bib, then you fold it to the front for use; give it a stretch all round to make the pocket shape fuller and more rounded. The unique firm but soft structure of neoprene means it forms a large, wide and deep pocket all the time, yet it is elastic, springy and squashy, so your child can push against the table edge without hurting their tummy and the pocket will naturally spring back to its full shape to catch any dropped food!

Absolutely YES! In fact many customers tell us their children will not wear any other bib except Bibetta’s neoprene bibs. This is because they are so soft, lightweight and stretchy all over that the bibs form to your child’s body and neck shape readily and flex comfortably and safely if the child moves around or squashes up against the highchair to reach food. Children also love eating food from the bib’s pocket, so Bibetta’s unique soft, friendly pocket is LOVED by most kids!

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Always follow the washing and drying instructions on the wash-care labels.

For our Wipeezee products we recommend wiping clean after every meal with a clean cloth. Ensure it is hygienically clean in all areas.

For a full clean wash off any excess food under the tap using warm running water, add washing-up liquid or clothes washing detergent, gently rub the material to remove all traces of food, rinse off thoroughly under warm running water, then dry with the pocket folded outwards.

Alternatively our Wipeezee products can be machine washed occasionally. We recommend hand washing first to remove excess food, then wash in the machine at 30° C or less. As with any fabric, the cooler and gentler the washing and drying method you use the longer the product will last; and it is better for the environment!

See our 'Product Care' page for details.

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