Delicious Easy-to-eat Strawberry Recipes!

Delicious Easy-to-eat Strawberry Recipes!

Enjoy some easy ways to eat strawberries including ice lollies and purees. Here's some great easy-to-eat recipes to enjoy those beautiful summer fruits and flavours!

Delicious Easy-to-eat Strawberry Recipes!

Keep cool during the Heatwave! Here's some great easy-to-eat recipe for strawberries in the summer to enjoy those beautiful summer fruits and flavours.

Strawberries are not only are they packed with vitamins, fibre, and antioxidants but they are a great way to support your local community through purchasing local fruits AND strawberry picking is a great fun activity for both adults and kids! 

Recipe 1: Au Naturel

It's always the best and healthiest option to eat strawberries au naturel, as it retains all the natural goodness of the food with no interference. 

Wash. Whether you have organic strawberries or not, always wash before eating

Remove the green tops. When preparing your strawberries to eat, you'd want to remove the green tops.

The easiest way to do so is to grab the top right by it's root (the part where it blends with the strawberry flesh) with your fingers and pull.

You should have the green bit along with the full root left in your hand. Another option is to also cut the green top of but that way you'll also be cutting some of the strawberry.


Recipe 2: Ice Lollies

Given this extremely hot weather we've been having, ice lollies make the perfect summer treat to help keep you cool. This recipe is fun and tasty! (Although be warned, you might want to consider putting one of our Wipeezee Coveralls or Aprons on little ones to catch any drips!)

Blend. After you've washed and chopped up your strawberries, you're going to want to blend them into a puree and until they become smooth. You can also add bananas in at the same time.

Have a quick taste. 
 You might want to add a drop of apple juice (as an alternative to sugar) to your liking for added sweetness. Mix. 

Pour into ice lolly moulds and freeze.
 Now you're going to pour your mixture into your ice lolly moulds and freeze for about 2 - 3 hours. Then your ice lollies are good to eat!


Recipe 3: Puree Recipe

If you're looking after someone who struggles with swallowing or weaning babies then you might want to consider make a puree as it will be easier to eat.


Cut. For a Strawberry Puree, it really doesn't matter how you cut them. If they are small enough, you might not even need to at all. I usually cut them in halves or quarters. And that is only if I am using them raw. If I am cooking/steaming I don't cut them if they fit in the steamer/pot.

Cook. Strawberries can be served both cooked/steamed or raw. NOTE: If serving for a baby, specifically a baby younger than 8 months, I recommend cooking/steaming because their digestive systems might not be able to process the fibre just yet.

And my choice is always steaming in a steamer/baby cooker because it maintains the most nutrients. I have this one but really any that steams and blends (2 in 1) is perfect.

You can also boil in water.

Cool. If steaming/cooking beforehand, I prefer to let them sit and cool for about 10 minutes before blending. But if you’re in a hurry you can blend immediately.

Process. Whether you've cooked/steamed your strawberries or decided to use them raw, the next step is to process them in a blender. You'd really want a blender to create the perfect smooth consistency of your Strawberry Puree. Especially if you're using raw ones. If using cooked/steamed ones you can probably just mash them with a fork into a smooth puree but the texture might not be the same.

Now there's nothing left to do but to enjoy the wonderful summer tastiness of this delicious easy-to-eat strawberry puree! 

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