Teething and dribbling baby? We have you covered!

Teething and dribbling baby? We have you covered!

Is your Baby dribbling and/or teething at the moment? Are their clothes wet or even worse soaked through? Is their skin around their chin irritated and sore? Why is this happening and what can we do to stop the wet and help the irritation?

Glands in our mouths produce around 2-4 pints of saliva every day and while adults don’t tend to notice it – thanks to our mature swallowing ability and a handy set of teeth to keep dribbling at bay – babies don’t develop full control over their swallowing muscles until they are between 18 and 24 months. Yet dribbling plays an important role in the growth and development of a baby.

While it’s often considered a number one sign of teething, which can typically start from 2-3 months old and last until a child reaches 12-15 months, dribbling can also occur as babies develop certain motor skills – such as chewing on their hands. Motor receptors in the mouth send signals to the brain to initiate saliva production, a sign that your baby may be ready for food. Dribbling is also connected to a developing digestive system and not only protects your baby’s gut but also protects everything around them (toys etc) with its disease-preventing proteins and antibodies.

All very clever and exciting, but excess dribbling can cause wet saliva to soak into baby’s clothing, causing irritation, discomfort and misery.

While a standard bib is a lifesaver at mealtimes, keeping baby’s clothes safe from milk, formula or food, dribbling requires something slightly different. Rather than traditional roll-up ‘food catching’ bibs, or a neoprene long-sleeved or tabard style for older babies and toddlers, ‘bandana’-style dribble bibs are smaller – ideal from newborn – and are ideal for preventing saliva from getting on their chin, chest, and clothing. Dribble bibs are designed to be worn all day so it’s important to have a plentiful supply for use at home and to leave in the car or nappy bag, ready for every eventuality.

Super-soft and absorbent, Bibetta’s dribble bibs gather neatly and safely under the chin, with innovative pleats around the neck, specially designed to catch more dribble. They boast two absorbent, quick drying layers and a durable waterproof backing to keep baby dry for as long as possible. Stylish and comfortable enough to wear all day, Bibetta’s Dribble Bibs are available in an array of colours and designs to match any outfit – they’re even machine washable and tumble drier safe!

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