Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air

Get ready for Spring with a few ideas to make the most of the Outdoors with the family.

After a second dose of winter last weekend, we are all hoping that the seasons are now teetering on the edge of change. For all of us, the countdown is on to the first day of spring. 

The Vernal Equinox – The official beginning of spring

This year, the spring equinox takes place on Tuesday 20th March. Without the science lesson, it means that the Northern Hemisphere is tilted towards the sun, so we get longer days and shorter nights.

Goodbye cold, miserable and gloomy days, and hello lighter, longer evenings at last!

We can expect those daffodil buds to finally turn our borders yellow, and also legitimately look forward to the odd tasty treat of a hot cross bun (or five). For those of us with little people in the house, we will also be able to spend less time entertaining them indoors, and more time letting them burn off energy enjoying time outside. Hurrah!

Exploring the great outdoors

Improvements to the weather mean more trips to the farm, walking in the woods, or just exploring your natural surroundings. You might even be surprised at the abundance of outdoor activities and places right on your doorstep to discover. It’s worth a bit of research on council websites and social media to find out what’s available nearby.

Picnic alfresco with Bibetta UltraBib with Sleeves

Picnicking alfresco

If you manage to pick a dry day, why not save on the washing up too, and eat outside. Children adore the novelty of a picnic, and although there’s a little bit of prep involved in making packed lunches, there’s often little waste or dishes to do afterwards.

Grab a picnic blanket, make some sandwiches, chop up some fruit, pack a few healthy snacks, throw in some drinks and voila! You have a picnic that the kids will love. Don’t forget one of our new UltraBibs…whether it’s cars, foxes, dinosaurs or safari animals that your little one loves, there’s likely to be a Bibetta UltraBib to match! They are great for picnic trips as they catch those valuable bits of food that often miss little mouths, and then can simply be rolled up and washed when you get home!

If you don’t like the look of the weather forecast, make the most of the few moments of fine weather with a picnic in the garden at home! Children take just as much pleasure in enjoying a picnic in the garden (with the added bonus of a toilet nearby too!).

Time in the garden

Easter sees the time many of us will turn our attention to the garden. March/April is typically the best time to start thinking about seed planting; indoors first of course, and then move them outside. 

Kids love this kind of activity. Get them involved in the process of picking the seeds, choosing the pots and explaining all of the other bits and bobs you need. Now is the perfect time to get tomato and pepper seeds started indoors ready for an early spring planting. It might encourage fussy eaters to try their own produce too, so it’s a win-win for parents!

To limit the dirty clothes, our UltraBib with Sleeves is an ideal coverall for this kind of messy play. 


If you have particularly energetic little ones at home, a trip to the park is ideal. They can burn off steam, have fun and perhaps even make a friend or two in the process. 

Our tip is to find one with toilet facilities nearby, and also a café for an emergency warm drink or snack if needed (both you and them).

Spending quality time with your child and seeing their enjoyment at exploring new places is the perfect time to make a few more memories, and strengthen the parent child bond even further. 

Happy spring days!

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